Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Looking for 5 riders to test Liteville bike at Anninger

03-11-2011, 15:50
Hey Guys

I am really keen to try out some Liteville bikes, namely the 301 & 601, and the only chance I have is to convince the distributor to come to Anninger for a day. But he won't come unless there are 6 guaranteed riders interested in Liteville bikes.

As I do not know many mountain bikers in Austria, yet, I am posting here to see who is interested. Obviously the proposed test day would be over a weekend, preferably whilst the weather temperature hasn't dropped below freezing yet.

So if anyone is interested please post your enthusiam.

The other option is to travel out to the test center in Haag, NÍ but that's difficult as I do not have a car, but if anyone is interested in doing that and has a place in their car too let me know.

PS: Sorry for the English, but I understand German better than writing it.