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25-03-2002, 14:37
are there any downhill tracks near or in Vienna? could you reccomend a shop?

25-03-2002, 14:57
why do you schreib in inglisch?
mir understanden tschörmen aa!
or du ju sink iz kuhl?

25-03-2002, 16:55
Original geschrieben von soulman
why do you schreib in inglisch?
mir understanden tschörmen aa!
or du ju sink iz kuhl?

tz tz.... findst des lustig oder was ?

er mag in der falschen sprache posten, aber genauso falsch bist du hier in der dirt-abteilung !

there are no real DH-shops in vienna, but check ot the "high-bike" shop (margaretenstrasse), it's the only shop where the mechanics know what a DH-bike is !!!

25-03-2002, 17:52
Do we?

Well, in fact Tom doesn't even know how to spell "downhill" (I bet he can't even spell his name either).

And Christian is convinced that his Intense is the girl he ordered online from a Mexican brothel last year (in his case "riding a bike" gets a completely different meaning ;) ).

Not to mention the shop's owner... Everything heavier than 13kg is immediately banned from our store.

So the only one left am I. And I have definitely not a single clue what a DH-Bike is. But I'm proud to announce my first bike-ride without supporting wheels that took place a couple of days ago.

Concluding, you are always welcome at our place, but please don't expect us to be experts on DH. Maybe you are interested in road bikes, too?

Ahm... ok... don't take me too serious, I just came back from the dentist and I am still a bit confused.
As pagey already said, we have heard of the existence of DH-bikes before. Indeed, we sell one from time to time ;). And we all ride DH.
So we're happily looking forward to welcoming you at our store.

Margaretenstr. 44
A-1040 Wien
Tel: 01/5811156

26-03-2002, 13:45
I think I'll visit your shop :) thanks for the reply

26-03-2002, 15:53
check the forum at http://www.dh-rangers.com/

26-03-2002, 20:55