Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Product recall brake discs Dächle UL 160 mm & 180 mm

06-11-2019, 14:30
Dear Trickstuff Customer,

Following our understanding of a responsible-minded and diligent manufacturer, all our products are tried and tested extensively and thoroughly. Also, products that are already in the market are observed.

During this product monitoring we have decided to voluntarily recall the following products:

Brake disc Dächle UL 160 mm (Trickstuff number. BSD6L160UL)

Brake disc Dächle UL 180 mm (Trickstuff number BSD6L180UL)

The friction ring of these discs can tear, which can cause the disc to lock the wheel. A resulting crash can lead to failure of further products that are involved as well as lead to injuries and death.


The following brake discs must not be used!
Inform your customers immediatly!
Do not sell any brake discs of the following types!

Affected are brake discs Trickstuff Dächle UL 160 mm and 180 mm that were shipped by Trickstuff between 28.06.2019 and 04.11.2019.

The brake discs can be identified by 12 additional notches on the friction ring.

The discs can tear around said notches.

We will replace your disc with an updated version of the same model. This updated version will shipped to you in April 2020.

Alternativly we can replace your disc with a Trickstuff Dächle HD disc of the same diameter and add one pair of Trickstuff brake pads of your choice.

You can either

Send an e-mail to support@trickstuff.de with a picture of the disc after you’ve made it inoperable (e.g. by bending, cutting, etc.), a picture of the invoice and the resellers name and invoice number in the text.