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10-08-2002, 22:51
Hey Bikedudes,

I Have a question for you guys, a'im from the Netherlands, and we will go for vacation to Austria your Country, area Saalbach, can we find there some nice tracks?

If you have some information or maps.

Please let me no, or send me a mail.

with bike greatz,


p.s. if you want show our site: www.mountainbike.nl it is in Dutch but we work on a site in englisch.

10-08-2002, 23:54

i think a good starting point would be this web-page:

near saalbach (in leogang) is one of the best bike-parks in europe.
the hp is: http://www.bikeworld.at/
this page is only in german...

but i'm sure your german is better than our dutch... :D

have a lot of fun in austria... :)


11-08-2002, 00:16
I live in the neighbour village of Saalbach, so I know all possilbe bike tracks in the whole valley.

There are a lot of official bike tours in the valley and you can get a map of this tours everywhere in Saalbach.

If you want to have guided tours, ask at the Hotel Conrad (http://www.hotel-conrad.at). They offer guided tours and I think they are open for everyone.

If the official tracks are not enough for you, just ask a local in Saalbach. I am sure they can help you and tell you some tracks.

11-08-2002, 22:45
He bikers,

Thanks for the information, i think that we will have some lots off fun in Saalbach area.

If you have more info just let me no.

Or if you wanna be a quide for us just let me no.

grtz, feanbiker