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24-05-2006, 21:26
Hi, I'm from Poland and don't speak deutch language(sorry for this)
I'm looking information about weight of the frame like in topic. I can't find nowhere!! Could You help me? I'm highly interested in one of the two models. Both of them have tripple butted frame aluminium 7005 but how much they weighs??
Please help me
Sorry for my poor english
If the topic is in the wrong place forgive me :)
Grettings :U:

Weight Weenie
24-05-2006, 21:34

25-05-2006, 09:17
Thanks Rainer, nice website but there isn't information about this frame :( (or I'm blind :) ) If anyone know more about this, please write in this topic.
Greetings :U:

25-05-2006, 23:51
I have once sent an email to KTM (office@ktm-bikes.at) to ask for the weight of my trekking frame. I received an answer almost instantly. So just give it a try (and do not forget the size of your frame and the year of production). :wink:

26-05-2006, 12:28
Thanks 84wb for help. I wrote email to KTM office and they answered me rapidly!! :) They gave me a microsoft excel table of gewichte rahmen 06' :)
Thanks a lot and see You on the europe streets :D

28-05-2006, 13:57
I have one more question about frames weight. I have the table of KTM frame's weight but I don't understand one thing. There is written for example:
(Ultra Cross) V-Brake Hydroform TB/PG-chromated 1,955 inkl.L.
(Ultra Sport) Disc Hydroform TB/PG-chromated 1,895 o.L.
What's mean contraction "inkl.L" and "o.L"
Please explain me that in english

28-05-2006, 14:24
inkl.L is the weight including the headset
o. L is the weigt without the headset!

I have a question too, could you be so kind to post the excel table of the frame -weights for us?

28-05-2006, 15:10
Thanks for help Bikeaddict
You can download using this address.
Have a nice reading :)