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    SRAM Road Hydraulic Brake Recall (2013-11-04)

    November 4, 2013
    SRAM Road Hydraulic Brake Recall
    SRAM has identified a technical issue with respect to a narrow production range of its RED 22
    and S-700 Road Hydraulic road brakes. This is a performance and safety concern. There are no
    reported failures in the field.
    We began proactive quarantine efforts with factories, bike brands and distributors last week.
    We have reported this issue to the US CPSC and will be cooperating with the agency to announce
    a safety recall in the near future. We are also working with European consumer administrations.
    The affected serial numbers range from 36T30993767 to 42T39407156. This represents 3,553
    brakes produced. Based on our investigative and quarantine efforts with our customers, we ex
    pect that there are fewer than 500 brakes worldwide in the affected range that are at Dealers or
    have been purchased by consumers.
    The serial number can be found on the brake caliper (rim or disc) and on the outside of the box
    containing the product. SRAM will issue another notice when the CPSC approved recall launches.
    As always, we appreciate your business, and apologize for the disruption.
    If you have further questions please contact:
    Michael Zellmann
    SRAM Road PR & Media Manager
    Geraldine Bergeron
    SRAM European Road & Tri PR Manager

    "Beim Rennrad ist es wiederum so, dass die meisten Menschen nur bremsen weil sie sonst draufgehen würden - oder um vom Rad abzusteigen"
    Verkaufe Sachen aus der Teilekiste!!!

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    UPDATE: SRAM Road Hydraulic Brake Recall – STOP USE IMMEDIATELY (2013-12-13)

    On November 4th SRAM identified and announced a technical issue with respect to a narrow production range of its RED 22 and S-700 Hydraulic Road Brakes.
    At that time, it was described as a performance and safety concern with no reported failures in the field.

    It has recently come to our attention that during last weekend’s Cyclocross racing in the US, in sub freezing temperatures, several failures were reported.
    In these conditions the master cylinder seals failed to hold pressure resulting in abrupt loss of brake power, and an inability to stop the bike.
    These failures are related to product that is outside the originally stated date code range and unrelated to the original failure mode. No injuries have been reported to date.

    As a result of this new finding, SRAM requests that anyone who has a bike equipped with SRAM Hydraulic Disc or Hydraulic Rim Brakes stop using the bike immediately.
    All products shipped to date, and currently in the market or in inventory will be recalled

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