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    16. Hillclimb to Zavižan form 0 to 1594 m

    We invite all interested cycling enthusiasts to participate in the 16th cycling race "Hillclimb to Zavižan" (from 0 to 1594 m) which will be held on Saturday, June 23th 2018, organized by the National Park Northern Velebit, MBC Senj, Senj Tourist Board and the Nature Park Velebit.
    Depending on the physical fitness of the participants, start No 1 is at 0 m asl in Senj harbour and start No 2 in the village Oltari at 950 m asl. The trail from Senj is about 38 km long, starting in the center of Senj continuing along southern coastal road and after 1 km turns left towards the hill Trbušnjak and climbs to the village Rončević Dolac (6 km from start). This part of the trail is an asphalt road with a smaller gravel part and due to rapid ascent it is quite challenging. At 10 km from the start (1 km after the village Nekići) route of the race turns left towards Oltari. This part of the trail is mostly gravel, with 2.5 km of paved road before Oltari.
    From Oltari (Start no. 2) the trail goes along the paved road to the Northern Velebit National Park entrance at Babić Sića (approximately 7.5 km), where gravel starts again for 9 km until the last 650 m climb up the paved road to the Zavižan mountain refuge where the finish line of the race is set.
    Refreshment points: Nekići, Oltari i Babić Sića (entrance to NP).
    You can look at the selection of reports from past races at Youtube keywords „ uspon na Zavižan“
    Registration of participants at [Per attivare il link clicca qui]
    Race Program:
    8.00 -9.45 a.m: Start No 1 – Senj, in front of Info-center NP Sjeverni Velebit – registration of participants and payment of participation fee.
    9.50 a.m: Senj – race opening ceremony
    10.00 a.m.: Start No 1 - Senj (0 m asl, trail length 38 km)
    9.00 a.m. – 10.15 a.m.: Start No 2 – Oltari, cca 1 km from Oltari – registration of participants and payment of participation fee.
    10.30 a.m.: Start No 2 - Oltari (950 m asl., trail length 17 km)
    from 01.00 p.m – mountaineer's lunch (sausage and beens) at Zavižan, winners promotion ceremony and prize award.
    Participation fee:100 kn
    Participation fee includes a souvenir T-shirt, luggage transport for the participants, refreshments along the trail, ambulance vehicle with a doctor, entrance fee to the National park and mountaineer's lunch at Zavižan refuge.
    Special notes!
    - The organizers of the course ensure all requirements until 3.00 pm. All participants who will finish the race after this time will be excluded from the results.
    - Participants should keep the starting numbers obtained upon registration as the same will serve as vouchers for lunch on Zavižan.
    - Due to weather conditions (high mountain) and the characteristics of the terrain, race participants are encouraged to bring the UV shielding cream to protect themselves from the sun and adequate jacket in case of rain or wind.
    - The organizers provide escort and ambulance with a doctor, for what, hopefully, there will be no need.
    - Participants of the race ride at your own risk and the organizers are not liable for damages caused by a rider himself or by a third party. Younger than 15 years must not participate in the race without the written consent of the parents.
    The organizers of the race:
    NP Northern Velebit
    Mountain-bike club Senj
    Senj Tourist Board
    Nature Park Velebit
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    Here is the transcript of the of letters in Croatian:
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