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st. k.aus
06-04-2009, 20:16
wer kommt mit nach berlin?:wink:
21st May Berlin Berghain

wer ist feverray:

weibliche hälfte von->

Eight months of the most productive daydreaming later, Karin had a batch of new songs and the raw materials for the production. Unsure how to get them over the finishing line, she took half to Christoffer Berg (who mixed The Knife’s work), half to Stockholm production duo Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid for a final brush and tickle.

"One thing’s for sure – in a country with a wealth of leftfield pop artists, Karin Dreijer Andersson sounds like no one but herself. Constantly inventive, restlessly emotive, Fever Ray swaggers, broods, intrigues and dazzles without ever making concessions to the soap opera demands of modern media. “I think the music should be able to stand for itself without interfering, like what the artist looks like. That’s something you find out during the process, it’s a steady ongoing process about how you survive. When you work with music, you have the possibility to create magic."

fahrgemeinschaft wäre nicht schlecht ...
hoffe ich hab´ bis dahin wieder ein auto ...

06-04-2009, 20:40
wenn schon, denn schon:






...leider fall ich in der Zeit aus, sagt der chef...:mad:

st. k.aus
06-04-2009, 20:44
aber berlin interessiert mich mehr