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04-06-2012, 00:12
Am Freitag den 8. Juni kommt Josef Zimovcak (8. facher Weltmeister) um ca 14:30 bei der Reichsbrücke bei seiner Österreich-Tour an. Wäre schön wenn ihr vorbei schaut! :)

04-06-2012, 21:39
Der? http://img.radio.cz/pictures/lidi/zimovcak_josefx.jpg

Josef Zimovcak - a 50 year old Czech postman - is crazy about cycling. He has taken part in the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia but not on an expensive bike with gears. Josef Zimovcak rides an old-fashioned penny-farthing, where one wheel is much bigger than the other and keeping balance is an art. During the Tour de France two years ago Zimovcak almost had to quit after a bad fall on a mountain stage left him with a broken rib and jaw, but got back in the saddle, riding most days until around midnight and rising at six every morning. He says that when things got rough he thought about how he would buy an ice-cream when he finally got to Paris. The Giro d'Italia he gave up a few kilometres before the finishing line after a tragic accident when a motorbike collided with his accompanying vehicle. Zimovcak said that under the circumstances he could not finish the race and was later awarded a prize by the Czech Fair Play Sports Association. Now he wants to tackle the third European "Grand Tour" the Spanish Vuelta - a gruelling 3,240 km race through the Pyrenean Mountains. Like in the other races Zimovcak will be riding 24 hours head of the other contestants. He'll be starting on September 1st and if all goes according to plan he should cross the finishing line in Madrid on September 25th. (Artikel von Mai 2007 (http://www.radio.cz/en/section/magazine/magazine-2007-05-12))
(was aktuelleres (http://pennyfarthingmadness.blogspot.co.at/))


07-06-2012, 23:45
Am 8.6. trifft Zimovcák und 40 weitere Hochradler am Flogidsdorfer Franz-Jonas-Platz ein.
Am 9.6. gegen 9 Uhr werden die Hochradfahrer am Franz-Jonas-Platz wieder feierlich verabschiedet (inkl. Bezirksvorsteher etc.).
Die gesamte Tour geht über 2.500 km geht durch Tschechien, die Slovakei und Österreich und dient einer Spendenaktion für krebskranke Kinder.
(Hab ich grad im Bezirksblatt gelesen.)