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07-08-2005, 15:30
erster bericht und die top platzierungen:

1-Paul B

2-Darren B

3-Cam Zink

4-Camron McCaul

Hier ein Auszug ausm NSMB Forum, der Darren scheint ja vollkommen ausgerastet zu sein

Darren made history today and progressed mountain biking to a new level with a massive high-speed 360 over the Boneyard rd gap. It was absolutely insane and you should have heard everyone go nuts. It freaked me out so much I was barely able to keep the camera on the rest of his run!! Get ready because you’re going to be seeing endless pictures and video of this insanity.

Then right after Darren came Paul B’s final run, who under extreme pressure kept it all together and delivered for the world. Going big he did a 360 off the quarter, two consecutive back flips over the large dirt gap jumps, 360 x-up off the hip and then a tailwip off the semi-trailer. Again, the crowd went nuts and I was just in complete awe.

Zinc having pulled an amazing solid first run, came out blazing for his last with huge consecutive back flip x-ups over the big dirt jumps and a smooth 360 off the semi. (I should mention that all the riders were doing the big starting drop and teeter-totter).

Last was Cam, who qualified first overall into the final round. He has been flat out amazing and consistent this entire weekend. Cam didn’t disappoint or screw up on a single run and pulled huge back flip flares, the only hand plant in the comp and every other trick in the book other then a tailwip. You should have seen the extension on his superman’s!!!




Timo went down hard on the boneyard rd gap landing. I couldn’t see what happened but sounds like he had a wheel malfunction. You have to feel bad for him as he was likely trying to make a comeback after missing out on a season.

Burdon also when down really hard in the first run trying to do a huge back flip of a wooden kicker.

Niels Windfeldt – aka shoes also went down hard after doing a superman off the semi trailer. That guy is a big up and comer!!!

07-08-2005, 22:05
erste bilder auf:www.foxracingshox.com

07-08-2005, 22:28
wo auf der seite?

08-08-2005, 09:13
auf crankworx daily updates klicken ;)
mittlerweile gibts im nsmb forum auch schon viele pics :cool:

08-08-2005, 13:33
jo, fesch.

Ich glaub jetzt sollten wir langsam anzaan, sonst verlieren wir den Anschluss zur Weltspitze! :D :D :D

09-08-2005, 14:29
die ersten videos sond online:

1. Bourdon and Strait crashes


2. Barrecloth Final Run


3. Cam Mccaul final run


4. Cam Zinc Final Run


5. Paul Bas Final Run


6. Strait Final Run


09-08-2005, 14:59
die ersten videos sond online:

1. Bourdon and Strait crashes


Hey, blockiert der da beim Ansatz vom Backflip mit dem Arsch den Hinterreifen, oder was?!

Auf alle Fälle danke für die Links! :toll:

09-08-2005, 15:52
laut augenzeugen ja
wirklich krass dass sich der nicht verletzt hat :eek:
die jungs sind wirklich hart im nehmen :klatsch:

meine meinung ist aber das

berrecloth gewinnen hätte sollen und zink 2 und strait 3er werden sollte 4 und 5 mccaul basagoitia oder 4 basagoitia und mcccaul 5

09-08-2005, 15:57
:eek: :eek:

wirklich sehr cooler crash! der ging ab wie schmidts-katze mit turbo-zäpfchen im popo! :D :D

hatte echt glück. schaut leiwand aus wies ihm den helm beim absprung halb vom kopf zieht! *gg*